Rock Country 4-H Fair musical lineup goes beyond main stage


This year’s Rock County 4-H Fair headliners are country, country, stadium rock and country.

More specifically, LANco, Dylan Scott, Asia featuring John Payne, and Mark Chesnutt.

They’re all fine choices, but we’ll get to them later.

Instead, let’s first look at the fair’s music choices that often gets overlooked: the daytime players.

Some, such as Rainbow Bridge, are perennial favorites, as well-known locally as the main stage acts are to their fans.

Others, such as Andrus and the Mariners, aren’t as familiar and offer unexpected variety to the lineup.

They include:

Ken E. Curtis, 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, food fair stage.

It’s Ken, his voice and his guitar. That’s it, but he manages to pull in a whole band with those two instruments.

He’s comfortable covering “Paint it Black,” the 1966 Rolling Stones hit and “Hey, Soul Sister,” the 2009 hit for Train.

Curtis has won two Rockford Area Music Industry Awards, best solo pop performer and album of the year for “Hours and Ours,” a compilation of his own music.











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